5 session package


Prize for this package is 497 dollars if booked before April 1. 2021.

The package consist of five sessions on zoom, exclusively you and me. No prerecorded webinar!

This deal means we have agreed to work together for five sessions.  Each session lasts minimum 60 – maximum 90 minutes. I never stop in the middle of important inner work because the hour is up. 

We will work on emotional stress from life events, problematic relations and traumatic episodes.

I know from my own experience how tough it can be starting this type of work, and I honour you for being willing to begin.

You understand that I cannot «fix» you by snapping my fingers. It is you who will have to do the actual work – but under my loving guidance. My role is like the midwife’s during a birth. I will support and cheer you during labour, but also “kicksome ass” to get you through it.

After these sessions you will have learned the tapping techniques.  When new emotional situations arise (as it normally will since life has a tendency to happen to us over and over again) you have a great tool!

The technique can also be applied to enhance your performance during presentations and other activities where you want to do your absolute best.

If you feel in need of more support along your journey, we can agree on more sessions after the initial five.





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