3 month weekly follow up

The art of balancing

Prize for this package is 1175 dollars if booked before April 1. 2021.

This is a full package for those who need to improve their life and health in many areas due to overweight, stress or different health problems.

I will help you set realistic goals for the three months ahead when it comes to necessary changes in lifestyle. This includes physical health but also changes in ways to think about yourself and your life.

Most of us carries emotional luggage that continues to stress us. Those pieces of luggage will also be dealt with if they keep you from getting where you want to go.

Longterm stress is a main reason why we develop cronic illness. Almost every chronic type of health problems has an emotional side to it. This needs to be adressed early in the process since it has created imbalance and stress in the body. 

Since I am a certified therapist in Simplified Thought Field Therapy and have seen very quick improvements with many former clients, I will use these techniques when we run into emotional roadblocks that is holding you back!

It is not always possible to come back to full restoration in three months! A great and obtainable goal can therefor be to obtain the best possible life quality everything considered. 

If you wish, you can prolong your sessions into another 3, 6 or 12 months weekly follow up. Remember, it takes time to turn around any habit!

You have to overcome to become!

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