My journey

Looking back

Looking back on my life, I see a journey with many ups and even more downs. But putting a read thread from where I started out and to where I am today, the thread goes up and up and more up! I started out feeling like a mess to end up feeling good and living a great life!

My parents and I. I was four or five years old, and very proud of my dress from America!
Turning points in life

My story in detail is not very interesting in itself. It is the turning points when life kicked me in the ass to get me going, that can be of inspiration to you if you struggle with life issues. I like to call those issues growing time, but it sure can hurt while this growth is happening.

I live in Norway with four seasons,  and most that is growing hibernates under ice and snow during winter, for then to burst out in greenery and colurs with spring and summer. My life has shifted like those four seasons! Maybe you recognize it in yourself as well!

Lonely, longing

Growing up in a small town on the westcoast of Norway in the sixties and seveties was not easy. Of some reson I was the one to be picked out by the bullies in my class, and I did not get much support from anyone.

Because of this I became a shy and lonely teenager, who tried hard to fit in. But I just could not figure out the code. And at sixteen I became an easy target for my cousin’s husband. He meant he was the right person to take care of my virginity. And in my childhood we did not learn to say no to grownups. As a result I let him have his will.

Because I had no good relation with my parents, it was impossible for me to talk about this experience with anyone. I just pushed it down in my subconsious, and woved to never  think about it again.

Freedom! Or?

Then freedom from hometown going to Oslo for studies. But not easy to fit in there either. People older than me who seemed so incredibly studied and knowing. Loneliness had come to stay, in between good moments. Because of the good moments life was at least a bit better than at home!

Marriage and children

So one day, my first husband came along. That resulted in two great sond, who are now grown and have given me four beautiful grandchildren. This life included a year in Houston, Texas in 1986. It was a great experience to try a completely different life with two children age 5 and 7. We also found time for a three week roadtrip with our new popupcamper. I stayed married till 1988 – then I got restless and thought it was my marriage that held me back.

A kick in the ass!

A couple of years later – life gave me the first kick in the ass in the form of breastcancer. Strange as it may sound – that day I realized loosing a breast was not important at all. I had to heal my life. And this is when my inner journey started for real.

A new journey

Since then I have grasped every possibility to explore and expand.  I went back to my hometown as the head of the library, and transformed my relationship with my bullies. After five years or so the door to Northern Norway opened up. I walked through it and ended up at Engeløya in Nordland County, taking care of a wartime museum and running a bed and breakfast operation.

After five years of this in many ways fantastic life I realized it was impossible for me to make a living here. The financial stress left me exhausted, and because of this I for the first time changed my diet.

The results I saw in my energy levels made me apply for a new and two year long nutrition therapy study at Harstad University College. I also signed up for an Interdisiplinary Rehabilitation Study, since I realized that nutrition had a lot to do with health issues and should be applied whenever cronic diseases showed up. Two exiting years in Harstad followed.

A new business with a twist

Then a new man showed up in my life, and together we started a new business at Vega, an island archipelago outside Brønnøysund, now on Unesco’s World Heritage list.



But now my old monster started to make itself known. My new partner made hasty decisions which stressed me enormously, to the point where I just could not handle it.

I did not connect my stress with the rape from when I was sixteen, just new I had to get away. So I broke up with him, we sold our business and I went back to a life as the manager of a small public valley in the midst of the woods in Eastern Norway.

Brewing stress with new bosses

Something were brewing inside me after my encounters with my partner at Vega. As there is no running away from problems inside you, of course my emotional issues followed me to my new job. The first that met me was my new boss telling me that I had to do IT work I had not signed up for. The only thing I was not qualified for.

This was i 2006, and nothing IT was easy for beginners that time. I went into a high stress mode which of course did not help my sosical life as a single 50 year old woman. The situation went from bad to worse since both my parents died the next couple of years.  bringing up a lot of childhood issues and my old trauma. Because of my traumas the inheritance process became a disaster for both my sister and me.

In great need the help is near

This was the time my teacher in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) showed up in my life, and brough along a solution that helped me handle the stress I lived under.

So I decided to get my Certificate in Simplified TFT with Advanced Question Techniques, and had just started on this education when my new boyfriend moved in with me. His plan was to commute between his job in Oslo and spend the weekends with me.

Alpha1 what????

No sooner had he moved in as a commuter to Oslo, before he ended up in hospital and came home with a genetic lung-condition that gave him only 20% chance to survive his 60th birthday. He was 54 at that time.

Grim perspectives, but this was when our real journey together began. A journey of discovering ourselves together. Our hairy goal was to get him as well as he could be, and keep him as well as possible for as long as possible became our goal.

Traumas in disguise

During these ten years I made the move to Oslo and found myself a job. Because many of my ols issues were not treated and solved, I of course met some of my old challenges. They had only disguised themselves. I struggled with my relations with my collegues, and I struggled with relating to my boss. She often changed the rules at work out of the blue nothing, and as a consequence I never knew what to expect. Stress became the new companion.

The turning point

Luckily I met a woman who worked with incest victims, and she could tell me why I had such a high stress in my bodyAs a consequence of the meeting with her I had to start the work on myself – a “me” I had forgotten because I chose instead to focus on my husband.

All this led to a longer sick leave from work, and because of this time for myself I recovered quite well and started to work again in August. Then came September 2020. Norway was in mostly lockdown, and we were isolated in our apartment, working from home.

Ten years anniversary
Picture of Geir and I summer 2020 – before my lifechanging course.

He is still alive! Still suffering from his lung condition, but according to the pulmonologist he should not be here at all. And we are still doing all we can to keep him working full time and stay as healthy as possible within his limitiations. So no miracle, but steady hard work has taken us here. The work includes treating his childhood traumas with TFT, it includes supplements and a healthy diet, it includes moving to Oslo to get away from the stress of commuting.

A new life?

Phonecall from a friend – “What about you, will you do the Cellular Healt Coaching Course by Dr. Gary Samuelson?” I had seen the ad, but because I had just returned to fulltime work, I had not reflected much on it.

Then this small voice inside me started to whisper: “Of course you should take the course.” And because I listened – I  took the course!

It changed my life since it adressed all aspects of life. All the physical laws for the cells to thrive – and all the mental, emotional and spiritual laws as well. This course represented my missing link – merging all my experiences together in one complete story.

So I, who had only looked forward to retirement in a few years time, now look forward to retirement so that I can live with my passion – helping others to heal their lives so that old misery can be forgotten and replaced by a new level of joy and happiness!

Spain is waiting

My husband and I have  decided to start our next chapter as retirees in Costa del Sol in Spain. I had originally planned this part of my life as a relaxed retiree. Then came Covid19 and taught me new skills. I  can do things online today that nobody dreamed of in the beginning of this century.

So Cell Song Ltd was born in December 2020. And my homepage was launched in February 2021.

What about you?

Will you launch your journey with me as your travel companion? All it takes is the first small step – filling out the form below. Nobody should suffer more than necessary if it can be avoided! Hope to see you soon!

Everyone is doing webinars these days – I want to meet one on one!

If you feel the same way, contact me!










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