My passion

Do you feel stuck?

I believe everyone of us has a great potential in life. Do you feel you are stuck and cannot get out of a place you do not want to be? You are not alone. Do not despair! This is the place where there is a huge room for personal growth. And when you grow, the world around you will slowly change too!

Only you can take action!

You need to do a few things though. First you need to understand that only you can take action for moving out of this place. And when you decide to take action – there is suddenly many roads to choose between.

My favorite road is a merge of education, coaching and therapy – and because of this I call my self an educoachapist. Therapy in my book is about getting help to learn how I can help myself. I decided to develop FAKEST – a First Aid Kit for Emotional Stress and Trauma. I belive everyone should learn this technique to help themselves. As a result you can handle stressful situations better and faster! Deeper problems? I can help you!

Balancing is key!

I also believe in balancing body, mind, emotions and spirit since all those affects us at the deepest level: our Cellular health. Nutrition, hydration, exercice, mental and emotional balance all affect our health. So I studied Cellular Health Coaching with Dr. Gary Samuelson in 2020. As a result, in only three months I saw huge changes in my weight, energy and stamina!

Let us talk before you decide!

Does this resonates with you? Do you need changes in your life? If yes,  book a free discovery call today! From this call we will find out if we can work together on making you the best version of yourself!

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? And how can you get there? These are important questions. Depending on your answers I can help you get started on your own roadmap. But you will have to walk by yourself! Change is seldom a quick fix. And one size does NOT fit all!

Every new day you can rewrite your life!

One thing is certain, every day we are given in life has new unwritten pages where you can rewrite your story. A consequence of this is that you can replace old beliefs with new and better ones!

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