Sitting still in the boat or set sails?

Setting sails in North Norway

My life the last ten years of my 65 year old life has been a set of challenges.

It started out with a workplace that triggered old traumas of not being in control – with an enourmous amount of stress as companion.

Then I met my husband. No sooner did he move in with me, he ended up in hospital and came home with a serious genetic lung problem. A problem to which there according to the doctors were no cure, sooner a galloping emphyzema to an early grave. Being close to 60 at the time, it was not fun to hear doctors predict that only 20% would survive their 60th birthday. But my husband took that straight on. He concluded that if that is so, his intention was to be among the 20%. I had survived a breastcancer diagnose back in 1991 – and at that time I learned to listen to the diagnose but give a damn in the prognosis. A white coat and a stetoscope is not equal to God, so we decided to continue with our plans to get married and to make the most out of the situation at hand.

A bumpy ride followed. Luckily I had studied nutrition therapy for two years earlier, and could plan for an antiinflammatory and lungfriendly diet plus supplements to support a stressed out body from too much work. For the first two years no medication (they tested all they had at the hospital) worked on his emphyzema, so a change in diet was all we had. Besides this I was in the midst of certifying as a Thought field therapist in Simplified TFT with advanced questioning techniques, a Norwegian development of the traditional TFT system developed by Roger Callahan. I needed someone to practice on, and thanks to this method we managed to solve many of my husbands childhood issues. This again reduced his stress, and all we did resulted in him moving up from stage 4 on the COPD scale to stage 3.

Then we saw setback with the swine flu, and I decided to sell the house 3 hours from Oslo, change work and move to Oslo where he had his work and where we were near hospitals. Long story short – this is where we live now.

After all this tiresome years with setbacks and my own old traumas being reactivated the last two years, I ended up with a yearlong sickleave. Going back to work again the summer of 2020 I was like a sloppy bag of old potatoes – just waiting day by day for when I could retire – two years ahead.

But then, in September, a friend called and asked why I had not signed up for the Cellular Health Couching Course by the American Doctor in Atomic Medical Physics, Gary Samuelson. The course had just started and I suddenly realized that THIS was something I just HAD to do.

That was when I left the dock and set sails. The course was 32 lessons over 4 1/2 month, and we had to walk the talk. One month in, I had winds in my sails, and for every month I realized more and more that even if I was 65, it was my mission to teach health and nutriton and help people willing to do the work to get a better life.

And to be willing to do the work is crucial to get results. But I also learned that having someone by my side once a week via calls also helped me to stay on course.

So now instead of looking forward to retirement I have realized I need to bring my three passions to the world: lifestylechanges – education on food from a nutritional aspect included from soil to the table – and also my therapy which surprisingly works well also online. The latter is important since a lot of us carry scars from childhoos that still stresses our health untreated. It seems every weigh problem (like mine) has an emotional aspect to it.

Today I am down 45 pounds – no cravings, joy, happiness, energy and vitality is back in my life. And I really would like to get you onboard to sail with me!


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