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About me

My belief

I believe everyone of us has a great potential in life. Do you feel you are stuck and cannot get out of a place you do not want to be? You are not alone. Do not despair! This is the place where there is a huge room for personal growth. And when you grow, the world around you will slowly change too!

There is a few things you need to do, though. You need to understand that only you can take action for moving out of this place. And when you decide to take action – there is suddenly many roads to choose between. My favorite road is a merge of education, coaching and therapy – so I call my self an educoachapist. Therapy in my book is about getting help to learn how I can help myself. That is why I have developed FAKEST – a First Aid Kit for Emotional Stress and Trauma.

I also believe in balancing body, mind, emotions and spirit since all those affects us at the deepest level – our cellular health. Nutrition, Hydration, Exercice, Mental and Emotional balance all affects our health – so I have studied Cellular Health Coaching with Dr. Gary Samuelson and am amazed over the huge cjanges I have seen in myself in only three months!

If this resonates with you, and you are in need of change, book a free session to learn more about how we can work together to make you the best version of yourself! Where are you now? Where do you want to go? And how can you get there is important questions. Depending on your problems I can help you get started on your own roadmap. But you wil have to walk by yourself! Change is seldom a quick fix. And one size does NOT fit all!

But one thing is certain, every day we are given in life has new unwritten pages where you can rewrite your story and change old beliefs into new and better ones!


What can I offer?

Cellular Health Coaching

Dr Gary Samuelson, a doctor in atomic physics and a leader in the field of redox signalling molecules, is the mastermind behind this program where we look into the five physical laws for cellular health, the mental and emotional laws and how to put all these laws to work for you in your daily life. New classes will start soon.

First Aid Kit for Emotional Stress and Trauma

This is a few tapping techniques you can learn to use when things happens in your life and emotions start to overwhelm you. It can be stress at work, it can be triggers to old emotional and other traumas. The more emotions, the better these techniques works. PTSD is one of the areas where these techniques has proved to be very effective, according to studies in Rwanda and Uganda.

Coaching from a holistic perspective

I am not the one who can help you to quick riches in dollars or pounds. If that happens it will be as a bonus! For me life is abundance in every area of life since we are all connected on this planet in an organic way. My aim is to help you become the best you can be so that you can use all your resources for the good of mankind instead of being stuck in a place you do not want to be.

Health issues can be complicated and need to be adressed from many aspects.



Who am I?

I am Anne-Grete Bjørlo, a Norwegian woman of 60+ who have been through and eventually mastered a lot of personal challenges in my life. My journey to inner empowerment has been long and winding, but I have learned a lot that I really want to share with you!
But most important: I would love to be your companion on your journey and cheer you up when the going get tough. I will also challenge you when you practice outdated excuses for not going where you want! And cheer you when you reach your small or big goals!
I am a well read librarian with additional education in nutrition therapy and interdisiplinary rehabilitation as my formal background. I am also a certified Thought Field Therapist from Mats Uldals International School of simplified TFT with Advanced Questioning Techniques. The last years I have worked with coordinating and startup of selfhelp groups. But the most important thing I have done this year is to join Cellular Health Coaching, an amazing program for health and wellbeing on a cellular level. I have never in my over 60 years on this earth had better energy, better concentration and better mental and emotional health than after walking the talk in these classes. There will be more classes here in the future, so please contact me if this resonnates with you!




What People Say

“I was going to a job interview and I was so scared I could not think straight. But tapping for five minutes before going in to the interview like Anne-Grete had taught me, cleared my head so I felt like myself again. What a joy – I got the job!”



“I was so confused about which line of study to choose. My buddies pushed me to do as them, but something told me this was not my way. But a few tft sessions with Anne-Grete gave me the courage to choose my own way, and today I have a great job doing what I like to do.”

Ashraf, a refuge

Anne-Grete is such a wonderful educoachapist, as she likes to call herself, combining education in health matters with coaching and therapy for the most problematic roadblocks. I have been doing sessions with her for 6 weeks now and I have to say that my life improved from depressed to eager to heal more and more every day from my anxiety. The tapping we are practicing is really good and brings me back to the present moment and also Anne-Grete has experience in practicing self love for the inner child which is a big deal for me now since I need to learn how to love myself more and bring more attention to the little child inside of me. I am enough, that’s what she tought me. Thanks Anne- Grete!

From Meri, Romania




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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always need more students who can become coaches. You can join to improve your own personal health, or with the intention of joining a staff of coaches prepared to work for a better health understanding.